Support and Coaching Throughout Your Job Search

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Are you seeking a new job or in need of support in your job search? I can help you:

  • Identify your skill sets and assess new career options
  • Write a cover letter that gets read and puts you in the “yes” pile
  • Update your resume to assure it stands out and reflects the skills and achievements you want to highlight
  • Feel more prepared and confident for your interview(s) and post interview follow-up
  • Learn the skills necessary to be self-sufficient in future job searches

Services provided include:

  • Cover letter and resume development or updates
  • Developing multiple resume versions to accommodate different types of job searches
  • Interview support including mock interviews and post interview coaching
  • Coaching support around career transitions
  • Helping you to market yourself to potential employers and leverage your networks
  • Assistance with LinkedIn and other social media profiles
WithClient“As a recent college graduate, because of Vicki’s extensive experience, I sought her assistance in updating my resume and developing effective cover letters. She provided valuable edits to ensure they were clear, comprehensive and well organized and that the areas important to highlight in my job search stood out. With her help I was able to land my dream job as a Medical Scribe and further my aspirations of becoming a Physician Assistant.”
Nico Bivona
IMG_0183“Vicki Baum-Hommes leaves no stone unturned when helping her clients. As a veteran writer/editor embarking on a new career in the public policy realm, she provided feedback on my resume and cover letter, advised me on my job search, and conducted a mock job interview with real world questions. She is comprehensive, professional and scores high on emotional intelligence.”
Judith Cameron